Virtualbox or Hyper-V: What Is Better and Simpler Virtual Machine

While getting started with virtualization, users have a lot of choices to select and pick the one that suits their requirements. But which is the better and more straightforward option, VirtualBox or Hyper-V? In the question that stuck in the user’s mind.

In The article, we will talk in detail about virtualization, the features of Hyper-V and Virtual Box, and their advantages and disadvantages below.

What is a Virtual Machine?

A virtual machine is a simulated computer system that runs on another physical computer. Virtual machines are popular because they allow multiple operating systems and applications to run on the same physical machine without needing various hardware systems.

There are two main types of virtual machines: virtual private servers (VPS) and hypervisors. VPS is typically used to host individual applications or websites. In contrast, hypervisors create entire virtual environments, including multiple virtual machines.

VirtualBox and Hyper-V are two popular virtualization platforms. Both platforms have strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right one for your needs is essential.

VirtualBox is a free and open-source virtualization platform from Oracle. VirtualBox is easy to use and can be installed on most desktop and laptop computers.

However, VirtualBox does not support features available on other virtualization platforms, such as live migration of VM instances.

Hyper-V is a commercial virtualization platform from Microsoft. Hyper-V supports all the features available on other virtualization platforms, including live migration of VM instances.

However, Hyper-V is not as easy to use as VirtualBox and can be more expensive to license and maintain.

There are two main types of virtual machines:

  • Type 1 hypervisors are bare-metal hypervisors installed directly onto the physical server. Examples include VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.
  • Type 2 hypervisors – These are installed on top of a host operating system as a program or application. Examples include VMware Workstation, VMware Player, Oracle VM VirtualBox, and Microsoft Virtual PC.

What is VirtualBox?

Virtualbox or Hyper-V

VirtualBox is a cross-platform virtualization application. It has a highly modular design with well-defined internal programming interfaces.

Virtual machine (VM) programs make it easy to control it from several interfaces at once.

For example, you can start a VM headless from the command line or remotely through Web services, then connect to its console interface through VirtualBox Manager or even open a remote desktop connection directly to the VM using any standard RDP client.

What is Hyper-V?

Hyper-V Manager Console

Microsoft Hyper-V, codenamed Viridian, is a native hypervisor; it can create virtual machines on 32 &-64 bit systems running on Windows.

Since its initial release alongside Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V has been free to use with all Microsoft products.

Which is better- VirtualBox or Hyper-V?

Many different types of virtual machines (VMs) are available today.

Two of the most popular are VirtualBox and Hyper-V; both VMs have pros and cons, but which is better?

  • VirtualBox is an accessible, open-source VM that can be run on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Solaris. It supports various guest operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. VirtualBox is easy to use and has a simple user interface. It also has many features, such as snapshotting and cloning.
  • A hypervisor called Hyper-V is bundled with Windows Server. On Windows Server, it can be used to build and control virtual machines. VMs for Linux and Windows are both supported by Hyper-V. It has a straightforward user interface and is simple to use. Additionally, Hyper-V has a vast array of features, including live migration and failover clustering.

So, which VM is better? VirtualBox or Hyper-V? The answer depends on your needs. If you need an accessible VM that can be used on multiple platforms, then VirtualBox is the better option. If you need a VM that can be used on Windows Server, then Hyper-V is the better option.

Why is VirtualBox better than Hyper-V?

VirtualBox is better than Hyper-V for some reason.

  • VirtualBox is free and open source. At the same time, Hyper-V is only available in Windows (although there is a third-party port).
  • VirtualBox supports more guest operating systems than Hyper-V.
  • VirtualBox has more features and is more customizable.
  • VirtualBox generally performs better than Hyper-V.

Why is Hyper-V better than VirtualBox?

It is a difficult question, depending on your needs and preferences. However, we can say that Hyper-V is generally considered to be a better and more robust virtual machine than VirtualBox.

Hyper-V has more features and supports more operating systems than VirtualBox, making it a more versatile option.

Additionally, Hyper-V is faster and more stable than VirtualBox, meaning that you are less likely to experience performance issues or crashes.

Which is simpler- VirtualBox or Hyper-V?

A few critical differences between VirtualBox and Hyper-V make one or the other a better choice depending on your needs.

  • VirtualBox is free and open source, while Hyper-V is only available in paid versions of Windows.
  • VirtualBox can run on various host operating systems, while Hyper-V requires Windows.
  • VirtualBox supports a broader range of guest operating systems than Hyper-V.

So, if you need a free virtual machine solution that can run on any operating system, VirtualBox is the better choice.

If you’re using Windows and need to run Windows guests only, then Hyper-V may be a better option.

Why is VirtualBox simpler than Hyper-V?

There are a few reasons for It:

  • VirtualBox only supports 32-bit operating systems, while Hyper-V can run 32 and 64-bit versions.
  • VirtualBox can be installed on almost any host operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris, while Hyper-V requires Windows.
  • VirtualBox has an extensive GUI that makes it easy to use. At the same time, Hyper-V’s management tools are mostly command-line based.

Why is Hyper-V simpler than VirtualBox?

A single physical server can host multiple virtual machines thanks to the virtualization platform Microsoft Hyper-V.

Any version of Windows Server can have this Windows Server role installed. Hyper-V is simpler than VirtualBox because it does not require special hardware, can be installed on any server, and provides a user interface for managing virtual machines.